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Service Policy



Magenta's lawn maintenance services start May 1st through Oct 30th, weather permitting.


Magenta is willing to skip a weekly cut as per the customer's request provided we were given 24 hrs notice. Customers that choose to skip a weekly cut should keep in mind that if a lawn was allowed to grow more than an "average week's" growth, they will be billed at the bi-weekly rate for the lawn cut.


Customers that have pets, must ensure that their pet debris is picked up as much as possible. Excessive pet debris that are not picked up may prevent our crew from providing a proper cut. At our discretion, a lawn cut may be skipped and the customer will be billed for the service call.


Clippings & Debris


Magenta Property Care will make every attempt to schedule your service, usually the day before your normal garbage day. Clippings will be left in your City refuse/black bins or curbside if you do not have City refuse/black bins or if this bin has not been left available to us. If we are unable to accommodate your service the day before you garbage day or if weather/holidays change our service date; the clippings will be left at your designated garbage area.


During spring and fall services when there is excessive debris removed from your lawn, please note that the City garbage crews will generally take up to 5 bags of garbage/debris, provided the bags are within the stipulations of refuse pickup.




Magenta Property Care sends its crews out within two hours from the time it has stopped snowing, where residential bylaws allow.


We will only send crews out if it has snowed 3 cm or more, and your snow will be cleared within 24 hours of cessation of snowfall, usually within 12 hours.


Customers who choose to remove their own snow prior to their regular service call must inform Magenta Property Care during regular business hours, or the visit will be marked as "complete" (important to note if you opted for the "10" or "5" service visits).


Please read our Snow Removal Contract & Policies document for further information on snow removal services.

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