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SEASON: Our snow service starts December 1st and end March 31st @ midnight of the current winter season. We will remove snow only when snow accumulation on your property exceeds 1" (3 cm) depth (general industry standards). Removal of snow less than the minimum accumulation as requested by the client will result in extra charges being billed for the service call. Salting must be requested by the client and is billed on a per visit basis.


CONTRACT: The contract is an agreement for snow cleaning for a residential property. Additional charges for corner lots or other service areas. For "10 Visits" or "5 Visits" service option, once the 10th or 5th visit ends, each additional visit (per call basis) will start at the rate described in your agreement. You have the option to purchase another "10 Visits" service or "5 Visits" service or pay per visit. For a seasonal "Unlimited" service contract and "10 Visits" service contract, the payment is broken up into two payments. The first payment is due by November 15st and the second payment is due by January 15st. For a seasonal "5 Visits" service contract, the payment must be prepaid in full by November 30th. For yearly plans (lawn and snow services), a set payment is paid on a monthly basis throughtout the year for which unlimited snow service is provided (recommended option).


CONTRACT TERM: Price guaranteed for entire contract term with no price increases. Multi-year service will automatically start on Dec 1st and ends on Mar 31st of each contracted season. Post-dated installment cheques must be submitted prior to the contracted season unless using "Invoice Me" option (does not apply for yearly plans).


TIME GUARANTEE: In an effort to offer a timeline, we guarantee to clear all snow within 8 -12  hours (or earlier depending on accumulation) of the completion of a snow storm. You agree that there may be delays in snow removal service due to extreme storms (12+cm) resulting in reduced driving visibility, equipment failure or accidents.


SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: For safety reasons, we will not approach any closer than 30cm from buildings, vehicles, garage doors, hard landscaping, etc., if snow "plow" equipment is used. We reserves the right to refuse to provide services due to inaccessibility to the client's property.


EQUIPMENT USED - You have the option to request snow "blowing", "plowing" or "hand shovelling" to meet the necessary care of your property (i.e., interlock or paved driveways/walkways).

SNOW REMOVAL (residential)

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