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Benefits of our Snow Removal Services:

Experience and Reliable

We consistently deliver top-notch snow removal service. You can count on us to keep your property clear and safe even during the heaviest snow storms. As a family-owned and operated company all labour are in-house and never subcontracted to ensure your property is safe.

Complete Snow Maintenance

We offer complete snow removal service designed to make the winter hassle-free. We regularly check weather updates in order to provide the best possible service. Our service is automatic without the need for you to call us to clear your snow. Enjoy of the benefits of a professionally maintained property that is clean, safe and free of snow and ice all winter long.

Flexible Plan

Choose between a Standard, Complete or Customized Plan at the best price to meet your snow removal needs. We map the layout of each contracted property to ensure that all snow removal services are performed exactly as requested. We keep detailed logs of all visits made to provide you with an update of services performed.


Fully Insured

We hold a Contractos's General Liability insurance policy.

Service Packages include:

Our Snow Removal Packages guarantee 24/7 snow removal during the snow season. We offer our clients flexible plans at the best price to meet their needs. Unlike other companies we only charge one price for the required snow removal package regardless of how many times and does not limit the amount of times we will service a customer in any given month. Salting and ice removal is billed on a per visit basis.


Monthly contract - customers enjoy the benefit of unlimited service all season long. They have a peace of mind should there be a bad winter and they will not have assitional charges if a limited service package was purchased.


Seasonal contract - includes the choice of 5, 10 or unlimited service visits. We automatically clear snow that has accumulated to 1" or more and the 5 or 10 service pak does not allow customers to only use the service when there is large snow accumulation.


Prepay for snow removal services by November 15th and save 5%. Refer a neighbour and receive an additional 5%.


Snow Plan


Snow Removal



Dec 1st - Mar 31st



  • Removal of 1" or more of snow from driveway, walkway, city sidewalk and steps


  • Service visit will occur before 7am or 5pm once snow ends.


  • Salting applied once after clearing snow if required


  • Choose between monthly or seasonal contract



  • STANDARD package PLUS your choice of Add Ons:


  • Each additional service area to be cleared of snow for season


  • Priority Service (initial service visit before 6 am)


  • Salt applied once after clearing snow






Choose number of service visits for snow and salt:


  • Unlimited visits

  • 10 service visits

  • 5 service visits

  • Vacation service visits

  • Salting -  before snow falls, freezing rain or snow sleet

    • NOTE: unused snow visits may gets credited for lawn service


About the services:

Magenta has been helping residents of Brampton, Toronto and Vaughan deal with the inconveniences that snow causes. We have built a reputation based on reliability, quality and top notch service.


When you contract our snow removal services, you know what you are getting. You decide the services that best suit your needs and we do the rest - prepare and/or clear your premises of snow.





DE-ICING (driveway/walkway)

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