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LAWN CARE 360........we go the extra 'MILE', one 'YARD' at a time!

"YUP! That's my lawn and I'm feeling home-proud" is the satisfaction customers feel from having a well maintained lawn. This seat of satisfaction is strongly supported by our "CARE" concept here at Magenta PC. 





Customer - you play an important role in the care of your lush green lawn i.e., watering - at least 1" of water per week.  

Assistance from us, your property maintenance experts. Leave the care of your lawn & land to us and we'll do the rest!

Reliable products - we use grade A products to ensure your lawn gets the best treatment needed to stay stunning. 

Environment - this provides the growing conditions for a green, healthy, and growing lawn. Eco-friendly! 


"I called Magenta to complete the fall clean up on my property. I had not done any gardening all year and have large gardens front and back.


They came to my home, offered me a quote and came back quickly to complete the job. They were polite and courteous. They did a fantastic job and went away smiling. I would definitely recommend them without second thought!"


Source: Home Stars review

Proper lawn maintenance is important for keeping any lawn looking lush, green and healthy. We have Lawn Care Packages specifically designed to give your lawn exactly what it needs. By following a regular lawn maintenance and care program for your lawn, you can: 


  • Restore a troubled lawn back to health

  • Help your lawn to defend against damage from weeds and pests

  • Promote the establishment of a healthy root system

  • Encourage the growth of a lush, green lawn

  • Overall keep your lawn looking its best

About our Services:


Mowing is important to keeping your lawn in top shape. We provide a 6-Month Seasonal Lawn Mowing service, first week in May to the end of October. As part of this lawn maintenance service, we will perform weekly lawn mowing, trim and edge around sidewalks and plant beds, and blow grass clippings from any concrete surfaces.


Choose between weekly or split schedule based on the growing needs of your lawn:

  • Weekly schedule: Includes 26 lawn mowing services from May 1st to October 30th 

  • Split schedule: Includes 17 lawn mowing services 

    • Weekly mowing - May to mid July

    • Bi-weekly mowing - Mid-July to October 






Good nutrition for your lawn is the result of a balanced fertilizer program that supplies the right nutrition in the correct amounts at the best time for your lawn. Even though many nutrients occur naturally in soil, the soil is unable to supply your grass as fast as it grows or in the quantities that grass call for them.


Our ideal fertilizer program is one that provides uniform growth throughout the season where we fertilize your lawn at least 3-5 times. Choose between organic or pesticide free traditional fertilizer application:

  • Nutrients produce stronger denser root fibres that resist weeds, surface insects and disease

  • Application schedule - Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall, Late Fall​  




Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil plugs and small portions of thatch from a lawn. The purpose of this lawn maintenance service is to reduce thatch buildup, decrease soil compaction, improve air and water exchange, and allow fertilizer to reach the grass roots.


Timing is imporant and as such we provide aeration service during the Spring and Fall:

  • Spring - soil is loosened due to freezing and thawing cycles throughout the wintertime, allowing the aerator to penetrate the soil more easily

  • Fall - cooler temperature allows for the removal of soil cores to help ready turf for the winter and new growth in the spring

  • Recommendation - combine aeration and overseeding for best results - green and lush lawn!​ 

Price starts at $79



Over-seed involves applying seed over the existing lawn in order to fill in thin areas and establish a thicker, healthier turf that is resistant to disease and insect damage.


For most lawns, overseeding is recommended in the spring and fall immediately following aeration. It is critical to water the seeds until they have germinated and the grass is established.


Let our lawn care experts give you the best looking lot in your neighbourhood. If you’d like to get beautiful, lush turf that sets the stage for the rest of your property, request a quote today for aeration and overseed services.



The overall appearance of your home is a reflection of your front yard. Dandelions can ruin the look of your curb appeal. With the use of FIESTA, our licensed and trained techician will apply the treatment to get rid of your weeds.


FIESTA is a mineral based product that is predominantly formulated from iron and does not have the unpleasant odour that is common with weed control products. With the use of this natural treatment you will see same day visible damage to your unwanted weeds.


The treatment is absorbed rapidly into the weeds, leaving your grass safe to walk on.


Surround your home with lush and vibrant green grass by requesting a quote for weed control services today.

Price starts at $89/application



Grubs are pest that leave ugly brown patches in your lawn. With the use of Nematodes, this natural product will help save your grass from bugs, increase growth and promote health.


Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms, and a natural enemy of the species that cause browning of your lawn.

Nematodes is applied on the affected areas which helps your grass improves as the microscopic worms destroy the pest. 


Use our service today to see how our affordable grub treatment can make the difference your lawn needs.





Give your lawn the jump start it needs with our Spring Clean-Up lawn service. All debris and clippings are bagged and left for your curbside garbage removal, or can be hauled away upon request at an additional charge of $3.50 per bag. Services include:


  • Raking of lawn to remove any dead grass

  • Edging flower beds and tree rings

  • Pruning of evergreen

  • First cutting and trimming of lawn

  • Removal and disposal of debris and leaves

  • Blowing of hard surface to remove dust and leaves


Note - this is the best time to aerate and get your first early spring starter fertilizer along with over-seed - maximum result!



Fall Cleanup ensures your property is cleaned and prepared for the winter. All debris and clippings are bagged and left for your curbside garbage removal, or can be hauled away upon request at an additional charge of $3.50 per bag. Services include:


  • Removal of annual flowers from garden beds

  • Raking of lawn and flower beds

  • Tilling of flower and garden beds

  • Edging of flower beds and tree rings

  • Trimming of perennials

  • Final cutting and trimming of lawn

  • Wrapping of evergreen and trees for winter protection

  • Removal and disposal of debris and leaves

  • Blowing of hard surface to remove dust and leaves




Excess leaves on the lawn blocks sunlight and reduces water evaporation, which can cause fungus, mold and disease. Wet, decomposing leaves can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Why allow leaf raking to become a time-consuming chore for you. Leave it up to us!. 


Fall Leaf Raking Service:

This includes two service visits scheduled between Oct 15th and Nov 30th.

  • 1st service visit- performed when about haft of the leaves have fallen off the trees

  • 2nd service visit - performed when most or all the leaves have fallen off the trees

Spring Leaf Raking Service:

This service is performed as soon as weather permits in the spring - starts Apr 1st onwards.





Generally, a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 is desired for a healthy lawn. If the pH is less than 5.0, a healthy balance can generally be achieved by applying lime at a rate of 50 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.





Acidic soil will prevent you from having the beautiful grass you want and will leave your yard at a greater risk for grass fungus diseases, which can leave a powdery white look on your blades or in extreme cases, destroy entire patches.


Contact us today to request a "Soil Ph Test and Lime Treatment Combo" to ensure your lawn stays healthy year-round.


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