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Aquarium Maintenance

Let one of our gentle professional aquarium experts take care of the hassle & mess of cleaning your tank on a regular basis so you can spend more time enjoying it!

Regular aquarium maintenance is essential to keeping the habitat of fishes clean and healthy. Keeping water quality consistent provides a more-stress free environment for fishes which is one of the keys to a fish’s long life, health and “fin-happiness”.



Our standard package:

· Examine aquarium equipment (filters, heaters, pumps & lights) to ensure proper operation

· Test water conditions to ensure pH level, ammonia level, nitrate level and water hardness are at the  

  required level

· Conduct water change (10-25% ) and gravel wash using water supplied on-site

· Clean tank (underwater & external surfaces) and aquarium equipment

· Perform various treatment plans as requested (required dosage used based on tank size)

· Replace filter media (if required)

· Provide on-site cleaning for decorations, rocks and/or plants (up to 4 times per year)

· Provide supplies, decorations and equipment that tank may need or as requested (advance approval

  must be received from client)

· Other services are requested